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Walters Golf Promo Code – Take an Additional 10% OFF

Walters Golf Promo Code – Take an Additional 10% OFF

Looking for a Walters Golf Promo Code? Look no further fellow golfers… as they are published Las Vegas Golf Getaways will be the first to showcase the newest Walters Golf Promotion Codes. New for the month of March is their latest promotion: VIP10P2014. This was recently sent out as part of their “Golf Madness” email promotion although after talking to insiders at Walters Golf we learned that this one is here to stay. Yes, that’s right… this promotion will be available for the foreseeable future. This means that you can use this promo code at either of their properties: Bali Hai Golf Club and Royal Links Golf Club. This 10% OFF discount will be taken directly off their already low Internet rates!

  • Take an additional 10% OFF at Walters GolfPROMOTION CODE:  VIP10P2014

To book a tee time at Bali Hai or Royal Links  please visit:  Walters Golf Promo Code:  Click Here



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What’s a Claret Jug, Anyway?

What’s a Claret Jug, Anyway?

The 2013 British Open is officially happening and the golf world is abuzz with speculation about who will take home what is arguably the highest award in golf, the famed Championship Cup, known more commonly as the Claret Jug (because, well, that’s what it is). But the winner didn’t always get the famed trophy as a prize.

The first Open Championship was played in 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club, which also marked the first year the winner received a very odd prize: An award which was designated as the “Challenge Belt”. Yes, a belt (are you excited yet?). It was made of wide, red Morroccan leather and was adorned with silver buckles and emblems. Some could argue that it was quite a gaudy memento.

So how did we get from a belt to a wine-pouring jug?

Prestwick was the host course for the first 11 Open Championships, awarding the belt every year, which the recipient would have to return to the club. The official rules declared that the belt would only become a winner’s permanent property when they accomplished first place in three consecutive years. This feat was achieved by Young Tom Morris in 1870 when he was victorious in his third straight year (though he would go on to win another Open in 1872).

Suddenly, the British Open no longer had an award to give and Prestwick was not in the position to commission one on its own so the club members came up with the idea of sharing the famed championship with the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. They proposed that the three clubs chip-in equally for a new trophy, as well as take turns hosting the Open. They all agreed and money was contributed for a new trophy.

Though Morris’ name was the first to be engraved on it, the trophy wasn’t ready when he won his fourth Championship. In 1873 winner, Tom Kidd became the first winner to actually be presented with the Claret Jug. The original has been on permanent display at The R&A Golf Club of St. Andrews since 1928, along with the original Challenge Belt. The copy of it is presented to The Open winner each year, which they are allowed to keep for a year before returning it to the R&A to be passed on.

Want to have your own British Open experience without having to go all the way to Scotland or deal with the red tape of exclusivity at these legendary courses? Royal Links Golf Club in Las Vegas, NV can offer any golfer just that! The course features 18 recreations of the best holes of the Open rotation, including Prestwick, Royal Troon, The Old Course at St. Andrews, and this year’s host course: Muirfield. It’s golf with a history lesson! Find out more about this amazing course on their website.


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The Hole Truth: 3 of Golf’s Greatest Myths Debunked

The Hole Truth: 3 of Golf’s Greatest Myths Debunked

When a game has been around as long as golf has, there’s bound to be a bit of storytelling in the mythos. In fact, it should come as no surprise that this legendary sport has its fair share of tall tales that have, no doubt, been passed on for a very long time. But is there any truth behind these legends? The answer is: No, not much. Here, we debunk three of the most wide-spread fables in golf history.

scotchThe Myth: Golf courses have 18 holes because there are 18 shots in a bottle of scotch

While this tale certainly isn’t without its charms, it doesn’t have history on its side and I’d venture to guess that it was likely lore dreamed up by sauced up Scots. While games similar to golf that have been played since the times of the Romans, the old country’s famous course at St. Andrew’s dates as far back as at least 1552. Before the days of regulation, the number of holes could range anywhere from five to twenty four. In 1764, when the first four holes of the Old Course were combined into two, the standard eighteen that are played today were born. So unless the scotch bottle shrank (not likely), this one is wholly untrue.

20111102125035The Myth: The term “caddie” was originally coined by Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots is reputed to be the first female to play golf. During her youth in France, it was tradition for military cadets to carry the clubs of royalty. These cadets became known as “caddies” and the word is reputed to have traveled back to Scotland when her highness returned in 1561. And while it’s a nice story, there are a myriad of reasons this story probably isn’t true (the claim that the Queen was the first woman to play golf is extremely unlikely, for one).

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “caddie” comes from the French word, cadet, meaning a younger/junior in the branch of the family. The first known written use of the word dates to 1610 when it meant “a gentleman who entered the army without a commission to learn the military profession and find a career for himself” (as was regularly done by sons of French nobility before the revolution).

Fast forward a bit, and caddie became used as a term for an errand boy in the Scottish 18th century, particularly used when referring to the delivery of water in the age before modern utilities. It wasn’t until 1857 that caddies were mentioned carrying golf clubs. Prior to that, as evidenced by paintings from the ages, there were no bags and the clubs were carried in a bundle, proving this to be another piece of folklore in the world of this great sport.

golfThe Myth: GOLF is an acronym for “Gentleman Only; Ladies Forbidden”

I saved the whopper for last and, sorry to break it to you, boys: This one is completely false. The word, golf first appeared in the written language in 1425. There are two theories surrounding the term’s origins: The first, speculating the term being derivative of the Dutch word kolf, a generic term for “stick” or “club”. However, the Oxford English Dictionary colors that unlikely for several reasons, among them being that no Dutch game has ever been convincingly identified as golf. Many historians theorize the word derived from the Scottish goulf (also gowf), a verb meaning “to strike or cuff”.  This would at least place the term coming from what we now recognize as the people who invented the game.

As for the term being an acronym, it’s an unsubstantiated rumor that likely gets passed on due to its believability. The game has a long history of being played by men. When coupled with the fact that there are still several courses which don’t allow females to play, this one gets difficult to debunk.

Personally, I’d prefer the term, flog (‘golf’ backwards). It’s much more accurate anyway.




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Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer

You know what they say: Boys will be boys. This summer, it seems like the ante has been upped by several notches to put together a host of experiences that are for the guys. Guns, fast cars and gentleman’s clubs are just a few of the things that can now be packaged with your Vegas golf vacation, making an experience that is truly adrenaline pumping, one hell of a party and easier on the wallet than you probably thought possible. Could these be the recipe for the perfect summer weekend with the fellas? We think so.

Machine Gun Vegas - MOBBottle and Bullets VIP Las Vegas Golf Package

Get more bang out of your Las Vegas vacation – literally! Escape to the MGM Grand Las Vegas for three nights and play two rounds of championship golf at Royal Links Golf Club and Bali Hai Golf Club (plus limo transportation). Then spend your time partying it up VIP style with your choice of VIP Table service at your choice of Tryst Nightclub or Sapphires Gentleman’s Club. You’ll also get to test out your shooting skills with the Shooting MOB Package at Machine Gun Vegas. It’s a package that gives new meaning to shootin’ em dead (of course we mean the golf balls). From $749/ per person (based on foursomes).

SapphiresThe Gentleman’s VIP Las Vegas Golf Escape

Experience the ultimate in Las Vegas nightlife! Be treated to 3 nights at MGM Grand Las Vegas, 2 rounds of award-winning golf at Royal Links Golf Club and Bali Hai Golf Club (plus limo transportation). After your rounds of golf, you’ll be treated like a VIP at the world famous Sapphires Gentleman’s Club (includes entry, VIP table, 2 bottles of SKYY). Just don’t blame us when you wake up the next morning wondering what happened. From $589/ per person.

TRYST VenueVIP Las Vegas Golf and Nightlife Package

Get the VIP treatment during your next Vegas escape when you and your buddies stay 3 nights at MGM Grand Las Vegas and treat yourself to 2 rounds of golf at Royal Links Golf Club and Bali Hai Golf Club (with limo transportation). After your round, you’ll be clubbing in style with a VIP table at Tryst Nightclub, complete with a liter of Grey Goose. Sounds like the best kind of trouble! From $589/ per person

lamboUltimate Adrenaline VIP Las Vegas Golf Package

Want to party like a rock star and do Vegas the way it was always intended to be done? Look no further than this amazing package, designed to cater to your inner thrill seeker and to help you make the most of your Vegas vacation. It includes 4 nights at the MGM Grand Las Vegas and 2 rounds of championship golf. You’ll play a round at the British Open inspired Royal Links Golf Club and the tropical paradise, Bali Hai Golf Club and be treated to limo transport to and from each.
Looking for ways to fill the other two days? How about spending some time doing 5 laps in a Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari F430, courtesy of Exotics Racing, or shooting some guns at Machine Guns Vegas?
Of course, Vegas isn’t just renowned for its unique daytime experiences, it’s also known for its killer nightlife, which is why you’ll get a VIP table at your choice of Tryst Nightclub or Sapphires Gentleman’s Club. It’s a one of a kind trip you and your buddies will never forget. From $979/ per person.
For more information about any of these packages, or to book them, call (877) 975-6898!

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It’s Summer in Vegas!

It’s Summer in Vegas!

Summer is on and there’s never been a better time to escape to Vegas for a little R&R. Whether it is golf, shows or access to the city’s infamous daytime pool parties, we have many packages which are sure to fill the needs of even the most discerning tourist. By bundling your activities together, you can actually save big this season. And who doesn’t like saving money?

WetRepublic6-LargeMaximum Vegas VIP Golf Package

Want to relax with some golf and then get fired up at the pool? This is the package for you! Escape to the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino for 3 days and 2 nights and play two rounds of golf at the award winning Royal Links Golf Club and Bali Hai Golf Club When you have finished unwinding with your rounds, you can head over to the MGM’s infamous day time pool party club, Wet Republic, where you will be given VIP entry into the venue. Add other amenities like 20% off show tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s KA and 20% off spa services, and you have all the makings of a very relaxing vacation.

{a38cd9cb-1a29-4beb-853f-3989323153c4}royal links_610Vegas Summer Escape 2013 Package

One of the most anticipated Vegas deals released by MGM Resorts every year, this package has a large amount of incredibly deep discounts and amenities for your getaway.  When you book at any of the eight participating resorts, you will receive exclusive offers from each, as well at a $25 Golf Course Resort Credit and FREE Callaway XR golf club rentals! Some highlights include: Complimentary entry to the MGM’s pool party, Wet Republic, a $50 Cabana Credit at Mandalay Bay, 2-for-1 Breakfast at Il Fornaio in New York New York and more! You can view a complete list here.

3-steal-mike-tysons-tigerWolfpack VIP Hard Rock Golf Package

Inspired by The Hangover movie series, this package is ideal for the tourist who wants to party hard and play hard in the city of neon lights!  You get 3 nights at the hottest party spot in town, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and two rounds of golf at Bali Hai Golf Club and the British Open inspired, Royal Links Golf Club. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can add a one of the gorgeous ParMates to your round, making your experience that much more unique and special. Then top off your wild Vegas vacation complete with some free drinks at Vinyl and 35 Steaks +Martinis and a complimentary daybed at the pool. Just make sure you don’t get drunk and wake up with a tiger in your bathroom, huh?

These are just a few of the options offered for your next golf trip to Sin City. With so many to choose from, what will you do during your Vegas summer vacation?

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Bring Your WolfPack to Vegas

Bring Your WolfPack to Vegas

Las Vegas is the number one bachelor party destination in the United States, with a whopping 35% of all tourists flocking to the city to partake in this time-honored tradition. Whether it be clubbing, lounging, seeing a show or just general bonding time with your friends, Vegas has a lot to offer any group of guys in town to celebrate their buddy’s impending marriage. For the golfing types, there are a lot of great, inclusive packages offered by Walters Golf that can actually shave off a lot of the buck and offer a lot more bang! Here are just a few:

34872The Ultimate Mancation VIP Golf Package

You know anything with the words “ultimate” and “mancation” in the title cannot possibly provide anything less than a stunning experience for your next Bachelor party. This one definitely doesn’t disappoint. For just $459 per person, guests are given access to the most desirable courses and party spots in Las Vegas with five star service the entire time. The Ultimate Mancation VIP Golf Package includes a round at Royal Links Golf Club and Bali Hai Golf Club. While at Royal Links, the foursome will also be treated to the company of a ParMate, adding something special to the bachelor experience not found anywhere else! The party is also given access to a host of other amenities and experiences including: Limo transportation, VIP admission to one of Vegas’ hottest clubs and, of course, 2-for-1 bottle service at their choice of gentleman’s club (Sapphires or Spearmint Rhino). It’s an experience the groom-to-be will never forget!

Untitled-2The Wolfpack VIP Hard Rock Golf Package

Looking to create your own version of the hangover? Then your wolfpack is in for a treat! Inspired by the well-known Hangover series, this package includes everything you and your boys need to get the party started and have an unforgettable weekend in Vegas. It includes three nights at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and two rounds of golf at Royal Links Golf Club and Bali Hai Golf Club. While at the hotel, guests will be given tons of great inclusions including money off at several restaurants and the spa, complimentary drinks at Vinyl and a free daybed at the pool during your stay all for only $329 per person. Want to up the ante on your golf rounds? Include a ParMate to caddy for you at Royal Links for just $50 more!

mgm-grand-las-vegasThe Maximum Vegas VIP Golf Package

Escape to one of the city’s most recognizable hotels, located centrally on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Not only does this package include two rounds of golf at Royal Links and Bali Hai, but it also gets you three days and two nights at the MGM Grand, VIP access to day time pool party, Wet Republic and huge discounts on shows and other services – all from $379!

Whichever of these packages you choose, they are all sure to provide the kind of unforgettable experience that Vegas has become known for and are all sure to leave you and your buddies with lots of memories for years to come!

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4 Reasons It’s Good to Golf In Las Vegas

4 Reasons It’s Good to Golf In Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority estimates that nearly 40 million people travel to the neon sandbox each year.  From the city’s numerous shows and nightlife offerings, to the world-famous buffets and bars, it’s no wonder the city is heralded at the “Entertainment Capitol of the World” but it’s also a great destination for anyone who wants to get out and hit the greens. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider Las Vegas for your next golf vacation!

The Weather

When people think about Las Vegas, they are no doubt thinking about the wonderful year-round subtropical weather. With an average of 300 sunny days per year and more than 3,800 hours of sunshine, it’s unlikely that your golf round will be rained out or in conditions that are intolerable to play in.

bali-hai-golf-clubThe Accommodations

Las Vegas has hundreds of hotels to choose from, in many different price ranges so there is one for everyone’s budget. The number of them also makes it easy to find accommodations near whatever course you choose to play. Most tourists want the experience of staying in the middle of all the action on the Strip but when you want to golf, this can cause your transportation fees to add up quickly since many courses are a bit of a haul from the action. This can be remedied by playing the South Pacific inspired, Bali Hai Golf Club, located directly on the Las Vegas Strip, just down the road from the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. This tropical paradise is an award-winning course, earning itself accolades from GolfDigest, GolfWeek and many other publications.

royal-9thThe Courses

The Valley is filled with many courses that cater to golfers of all levels and ages, with several offering unique experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the United States. Royal Links Golf Club, located just miles from the heart of the famous Las Vegas Strip, offers the best holes of the British Open rotation courses (including the Old Course at St. Andrews, Royal Troon and Muirfield), allowing golfers to play these legendary holes without having to go all the way to Scotland. Tiger Woods holds the course record of 67 and was quoted saying he was, “amazed at how well Pete and Perry Dye did in recreating the holes.” If you’re planning a golf vacation in Vegas and want a memorable golf experience, Royal Links is the place for you.

The Flight Prices

Since Las Vegas is a major tourist destination, many airlines offer various specials on flights to the city throughout the year, which you can be alerted to by signing up for their e-mail lists. Domestic carriers like JetBlue and Southwest release sales every Tuesday and by the afternoon all the major airlines will have adjusted their fares to compete. You can also try setting up alerts through Kayak or SkyScanner, which will allow them to tell you when the price of your ticket drops, enabling you to go a bit easier on your wallet.

Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a newbie, come find out all the reasons why Las Vegas is an exciting and unique destination for all golfers. To find out more about the courses featured, learn about Stay & Play packages or see more information about other golf offerings, visit Walters Golf.

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Is Las Vegas a Golf Destination? That is the question…

As a golf enthusiast who has traveled to many places to play golf, I have come to the following conclusions:  Las Vegas does not offer the most courses, lowest prices, nor is the market jammed with overbooked courses filled with golfers just looking to play as much golf as they can.   Consistent with Las Vegas at large, the golf providers offer, cool, unique, fun and friendly experiences that are unique to the industry.  Where else can you play a course on the famed Las Vegas Strip that transports you to a South Pacific Island, then the next day play the 18 best holes from the British Open? Imagine teeing it up on the Famous Road Hole from St. Andrews just a few minutes from the Strip at the Royal Links Golf Club. These are only a few examples. There are other great courses that have a Carolina theme and Country Club feel along with many traditional Desert Courses from which to choose. So now we know the courses are great…  What else?

Many golf destinations offer good golf, but when you putt out on the last hole, do you look at your buddies and ask “What are we do tonight”? As you may or may not know, that question is somewhat irrelevant and inapplicable in Las Vegas.   Tremendous volume of world-class dining, amazing shows, gaming, clubbing, pool parties, sports books, spas; not to mention a lot of good looking people abound here! This dynamic is combined with spectacular accommodations, comprised of literally hundreds of thousands of room available in Vegas with the room product second to none…

Golf packages and destination accommodations in Las Vegas are perceived to be expensive. Those days are in the distant past. When bundling the room, golf and transportation together, the prices are surprisingly affordable.  Go to and take a look at their Stay and Play Packages. Pricing is similar or less than many destinations having nationally-ranked golf and the best rooms in Vegas.

So all things considered, would I say that Las Vegas is a Golf Destination? I would say it’s more than just a Golf Destination – it’s THE ULTIMATE Golf Destination…..

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The Ultimate Super Bowl Party … Only In Las Vegas

Amazingly, it’s almost time for the NFL Superbowl–er, the Big Game. And Las Vegas annually rolls out the red and green carpets with parties, golf tournaments, and much more. And the tropical-theme Bali Hai Golf Club on the Las Vegas Strip is hosting a VIP Big Game Golf and Viewing party on the course and in Cili, the award-winning restaurant in the clubhouse. All you can, drink, eat and golf. Click now to reserve your spot in this all-inclusive Las Vegas golf event via the official website of this Las Vegas golf course to get the best deal. –By Brian Hurlburt

Here is the invitation from Walters Golf, the operator of Bali Hai Golf Club, a tropical-themed Las Vegas golf experience: “Last year was such a success and so much fun that we are going it again for the Big Game! Don’t miss out on the biggest and best Big Game Party in Las Vegas! Last year’s event was a huge success selling well over 800 tickets! This year we are doing it again and it will be even better! With this package you’ll enjoy 18 holes of pure tropical golf paradise at the Bali Hai Golf Club and the most incredible Big Game party on the Strip – All You Can Drink Premium Open Bar, All You Can Eat Gourmet Buffet, Multiple Screens Broadcasting the Big Game, Live Raffles, Shot Girls and Much More!”

This golf and viewing party will include the following for just $349 (you will be off the course in time for the game): 9am Shotgun Start at Bali Hai Golf Club, All You Can Eat Gourmet Buffet during the party, All You Can Drink Premium Open Bar during the party, Multiple Big Screens Showing the Superbowl, Shot Girls, Live Raffles Throughout the Game, and much more. The golf portion of the event is limited to the first 144 golfers. Tickets to the viewing-only party are $150. Click now to elevate your round with the addition of a beautiful Par Mate female caddie.

Bali Hai Golf Club is tucked underneath the shadows of the Mandalay Bay Resort. This Las Vegas resort course features thousands of palm trees, beautiful water holes, a stunning clubhouse, and everything else needed for a quality Las Vegas golf experience. Click now for the official photo gallery of Bali Hai Golf Club.

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